About Me

Hi, my name is Romi, and my passion for art began as a young girl. My mom is an artist, I studied art history at Brandeis University, and I worked for Christie’s auction house, where I had the privilege of seeing first-hand some of the most spectacular works of art.

A few years ago, while walking in East Hampton, New York, I passed an art store where I saw a piece of art that shined with glitter. I could not stop staring at it and decided I was going to make something similar myself. I had nothing to lose by trying. That was the start of my obsession with glitter and bright and sparkly-inspired works of art.

In the short few years since I began painting and working with graphics, my distinct and self-taught style has become prominent in many homes, retail stores and interior design centers. I absolutely love bright colors and anything that sparkles. I am in constant admiration of learning new techniques and sometimes teaching to others. My creative goal is to inspire you and create a work of art that moves you and creates a connection.

Feel free to visit the shop or gallery for inspiration for your next special piece. I welcome commissions and look forward to hearing from you and creating your dream piece.

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